Jane Cespuglio Clark 500 RYT, owner

Jane is a certified yoga instructor with certificates from the Bikram College of India in Los Angeles (2012), the Yogic Physical Culture Academy in Mexico (2015) and the B. Free Hot Yoga Association in Los Angeles (2017). Jane is certified to teach the full Ghosh yoga series to all levels and abilities with specializations in therapeutic yoga, beginner’s level and advance yoga practice. This includes (but is not limited to) Bikram Beginners series and Tony Sanchez's Core 26+ and Core 40 series.

Jane began practicing yoga just after graduating from college in 1996. She started in a simple Hatha class during which she fell in love with the simplicity and peacefulness of the practice. Jane first discovered Bikram Yoga while visiting her sister in Seattle in the mid-90s.  As an avid runner, it seemed like a challenging workout, complimenting her workout regime, both physically and emotionally.  Upon returning to Philadelphia, Jane continued her practice while expanding to multiple styles including Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga and Baptiste yoga, while concentrating on her career as an architect.

In 1999, a skiing accident resulting in a fractured femur, a torn ACL ligament and surgery slowed Jane down for only a few months.  But not long after, while visiting family in Corsica, France, Jane was in a severe car accident. The crash resulted in multiple pelvic fractures, a fractured sacrum, a torn membrane in her left hip and two broken ribs.

Through a combination of physical therapy, osteopathic manipulations and yoga, Jane is now virtually pain-free. Yoga is something Jane can continue to practice, despite her injuries, allowing her to stay physically fit and healthy.

In the Fall of 2012, Jane trained with Bikram Choudhury for 9 weeks in Los Angeles, completing the Bikram Beginners Yoga certification. In 2013, Jane began training with Tony Sanchez, studying the complete Ghosh yoga system, the Yoga Challenge levels 1 through 4 as well as Tony's Core 26+ and Core 40 series. In the Spring of 2015, Jane went to Mexico to continue her studies with Tony Sanchez in person, completing the Master Core System teacher training. In the winter of 2015, Jane returned to visit her teacher in Mexico, completing Tony Sanchez’s advanced level training.

In March 2016, Jane started Equanimity Hatha Yoga to fulfill her life dream of opening her own yoga studio and sharing this unique, life-long system of yoga with the community of West Chester Pennsylvania.

Jane has intensely studied anatomy and physiology to support her teaching. She has completed the renowned Yoga Anatomy Principles Certification with Leslie Kaminoff and studied Anatomy and Common Ailments with Carrie Demers, MD at the Himalayan Institute. Additionally, she has completed seminars with Swami Nirmalananda at Kirpalu, Bill Raup at Power Yoga Works in Malvern and posture clinics with Mary Jarvis, Esak Garcia, Emmy Cleaves, Jim Kallet and Joseph Encinia. 

Jane holds a Masters in Architecture from the Architectural Association in London and is a registered architect in the state of Pennsylvania.

Susan Horenkamp, 200 RYT

Susan discovered yoga in 2008. A friend encouraged her to try it after she was forced to stop running due to multiple overuse injuries.  That first class a big lightbulb went off and she was in love with how yoga made her body feel. She knew that this was going to be an important part of living her best life.  

In 2011, Susan decided to take her practice to the next level and began her 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training at Verge Yoga in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  Upon completion of that program she began teaching at Verge Yoga.

In 2013, Susan's family was relocated to Dubai, UAE.  Susan chose to teach private and small group yoga classes while overseas.  This was an amazing experience since she was able to teach many people who had never tried yoga or had injuries that had kept them away from classes in studios. 

In the Summer of 2016, Susan complete Equanimity Hatha Yoga's Level One Teacher Training.

Susan has completed workshops on anatomy, assisting, breathing and yin yoga.  In 2011, she completed a 3-day meditation retreat with David Wagner at the Kripalu Center.

Susan holds a B.A. in Art History with an Arts Management Certificate from Sweet Briar College.


Susanne Rosenberg.jpg

Susanne Rosenberg

Susanne started practicing hatha yoga in 1997. After months in the library studying for the bar exam, she decided to try something new to recharge. Since then, she has found yoga to be a source of energy and balance.

In 2011, Susanne tried Bikram yoga and has been practicing it consistently ever since. Her first class was energizing and exhausting and intriguing all at the same time, so she went back every day for the next 60 days to figure out how she felt about it. After four months, two nagging injuries to her hip and shoulder had almost completely resolved and she has not looked back.

Susanne completed Yoga Factory Teacher Training in 2016. She has attended posture clinics and workshops with Teri Almquist, Diane Ducharme, Joseph Encinia, Zeb Homison and Mary Jarvis.

Susanne holds a J.D. from New York University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.




Sarah Savery

Sarah Savery has a 200-hour certification from Equanimity Hatha Yoga in therapeutic, hot Ghosh Yoga for Beginners and All-Levels. She has also taught spin classes for ten years. 

She dabbled in yoga from ages 15 thru 35 but started a serious practice in 2011, focusing mainly on Bikram.  Sarah took up yoga to expand her fitness horizons into something more mind/body oriented and to help relieve some chronic pain. 

Sarah is also an avid home cook – and the more she practices the more she can eat! Yay :)





Gina Hoover

Gina Hoover has a 200-hour certification from Equanimity Hatha Yoga in therapeutic, hot Ghosh Yoga for Beginners and All-Levels.

She started practicing yoga in high school but came to a regular practice after beginning her Bikram practice in 2011.  She has experimented with other forms of yoga but Bikram remained the keystone of her practice until coming to Ghosh in 2017.  She took up yoga to calm the mind and restore the body and it has since then helped through several injuries. 

Gina considers herself a jack of all trades: she works as an oil painter, curator, traveler, bartender, and gardener.






Kyle Ferguson.jpg

Kyle Ferguson, 200 RYT


Kyle Ferguson is a student and teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness. He is a certified teacher of Bikram Yoga and Alignment Based Hatha Yoga (RYT 200, Maha Yoga, Philadelphia). He has studied Yoga Essentials with Richard Freeman, Yoga Hour Teaching Technique with Darren Rhodes, and Advanced Asana with Zhenja La Rosa. He has also studied Mindfulness Based Stress Relief at the University of Pennsylvania, meditation at the Shambala Center in Boulder, Colorado, and Zazen at the Zen Mountain Monastery in Woodstock, New York.

From 2011 to 2015 he served as owner and director of Bikram Yoga University City/Karma Studios in Philadelphia. In the summer of 2016 Kyle created and directed the Yoga and Mindfulness program for young men and boys at Camp Dudley in Westport, NY. He is a graduate of The College of William and Mary in Virginia, pit bull enthusiast, burrito aficionado, and avid movie fan. One time, he accidentally blocked Posh Spice from entering an elevator, to both of their confusion. He currently teaches Bikram, Hatha, Baptiste, Restorative, and Yoga Hour classes.

Yoga found Kyle when he was adrift in the world. In Autumn, 2010 he was depressed, overweight, and directionless when his brother, Schuyler, introduced him to Bikram Yoga. Kyle was immediately hooked, and in a matter of months he had changed his diet, quit smoking, lost 35 pounds, and rediscovered a sense of purpose in life. Less than a year after his first Bikram class, he was a certified Bikram teacher. In the following years, he remained passionate to learn and continued exploring the broad world of Yoga in whatever capacity he could.

Through thousands of hours of classroom experience, dedicated study of Eastern philosophy and modern physical science, plus a whole lot of sweat, Kyle has developed a teaching style all his own. He focuses primarily on healthy alignment and energetic harmony in class, with the belief that a well-aligned body is a healthy body. In class, Kyle presents both the scientific and the philosophical with a sense of humor and joy. He likes to make lots of jokes, because he finds himself hilarious.

Kyle believes the study of Yoga is nothing special, just like personal study, contemplation, and meditation are nothing special. To those who want to live with a sense of harmony and compassion, however, Yoga is tremendously effective. Through our practice we participate in the process of self realization and learn to embrace life as it is; beautiful, vibrant, and infinitely paradoxical. It is his mission in life to spread this radiant practice and all of its benefits to his fellow humans all over this wild, wonderful world.

Even in New Jersey.