Preparing for the May Strength Challenge

Want to get strong this month? I mean, REALLY STRONG? Do you have chronic weakness that plagues you? This is the month to end that cycle. THIS IS YOUR MONTH!

In the fashion of the original Ghosh Yogis, we are going to incorporate body strength training into our practice this month to help you increase muscle tone and over come weakness. Not to mention, it might help what you look like in the summer bathing suit!

Each day we will have a strength challenge that you can add to the end of your yoga class. You can do it with the group or on your own. I will post this chart on the studio door to help remind you and our teachers of the daily challenge. I will also post videos on Facebook and Instagram on how to properly perform the challenges. All of the Equanimity Teachers will help you with technique as well!

MAY is our month! My personal goal is to regain the ABDOMINAL strength I had before having a baby. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL??

Strength Challenge.jpg